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Florida WASP 2 Lightning Loop

What is WASP2?
WASP2 stands for Wide Area Spectrum Probe. WASP is an analyzer
intended for monitoring lightning activity captured by a StrikeStar Lightning locator network.
The point sources providing this data to StrikeStar are StormTracker and LD-250 lightning
detectors manufactured by the Boltek Corporation.

How do we get this data?
Lightning strike data which is detected by different Boltek sensors in a StrikeStar
network is sent over the Internet to a central processing server which triangulates
this data in order to determine the approximate geographical position of the lightning
discharge. The StrikeStar output is relayed to a companion server application named
LDStream which in turn feeds this data over a TCP/IP based network and serves as
a network access point for external client applications.

This data is NOT to be used for the protection of life or property!

Data provided by www.capeweather.com and www.strikestarus.com


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