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Florida Lightning Strikestar Network Image


What is StrikeStar?
StrikeStar is a network of Boltek lightning detectors around the United States and Canada.
These detectors all send their data to our central server where the StrikeStar software developed by Astrogenic Systems triangulates their data and presents the
results in near real-time.

What is the image above?
The image above is the data from the StrikeStar network but delayed by 30 minutes.
It automatically updates every 2 minutes without you needing to refresh the page.
The time of the last update is shown at the top in UTC (equivalent to GMT).

We send our lightning data to the StrikeStar central server continuously!

This data is NOT to be used for the protection of life or property!

Data provided by www.capeweather.com and www.strikestarus.com


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